Medical development trend of packaging film
时间:2021-01-08 14:34:32

In recent years, packaging film has been rapidly developed and improved in the market extension of the pharmaceutical field. According to relevant data, the overall demand for packaging film in the domestic pharmaceutical industry at this stage is still maintained at 15 billion per year. Yuan’s GDP. It can be seen that, based on the overall concept of environmental protection, pharmaceutical packaging film is becoming one of the indispensable and important substances in human life.

In addition, with the high integration of science and technology, the physical properties of pharmaceutical packaging films have entered. The new levels and stages are mainly manifested in clear and seamless transparency, unquestionable toughness, unconventional environmental protection, and appearance. Complementary dust resistance. When a quality lifestyle is driving new requirements for things derived from human beings, the promotion and use of pharmaceutical packaging films is undoubtedly a propelling role in the development of pharmaceutical companies.

From the perspective of the nature of the drug packaging film, another obvious advantage is that it prevents the physical oxidation of the drug in the environment, because when the finished food contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, the temperature instability will Causes food to oxidize and deteriorate, such as bad taste, darkening color, and mold plaque.

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