industrial package
时间:2021-01-08 14:47:55

Industrial packaging is packaging whose main purpose is transportation and storage, that is, packaging based on logistics needs, also known as transportation packaging, which is a kind of external packaging (including internal packaging). The main function of industrial packaging is to have protective functions, quantitative or unitization functions, convenience functions and efficiency functions.

industrial package

The main purpose of industrial packaging is to strengthen transportation, protect goods, and facilitate storage and transportation. For the means of production, the role of industrial packaging is particularly prominent. This is because the production and consumption of the means of production are large in batches and large in quantity, which results in the transportation and storage of materials greatly exceeding the means of living. Industrial packaging should make the packaging cost as low as possible on the basis of meeting logistics requirements. Generally speaking, in order to reduce packaging costs, the protection of packaging is often reduced, so the circulation loss of goods will increase; conversely, if the packaging is enhanced, the packaging costs will increase correspondingly, and the circulation loss will decrease. The industrial packaging of ordinary materials can have the best economic effect if the degree is moderate.

For some commodities, commercial packaging and industrial packaging are often contradictory. For example, in order to facilitate transportation, the packaging should often be strong, but the external shape is not beautiful, which is not conducive to sales. On the contrary, the beautiful commercial packaging that promotes sales is mostly thin, low in strength, and poor in protection. In order to realize the rationalization of logistics, industrial packaging adopts the same creativity as commercial packaging, and industrial packaging also has the function of commercial packaging.